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we constantly strive to improve our service for you to enjoy washing your vehicle in a comfortable and safe environment.

self serve bays

Red Lotus in one of our self service bays

Four self service bays including a boat and caravan bay for all who love to clean their cars, boats and caravans.

Several options are available:
- Pre-soak
- Tyre & wheel cleaner
- High pressure soap
- Bubbly foaming brush
- High pressure rinse
- Clear coat protectant
- Spot-free rinse leaving no watermarks and no need to chamois anymore!

soft foam automatic

Automatic soft foam entrance

Finally the future of carwashing has arrived.

Fully automatic car wash with new soft wash material (similar to stubby holder material) that just will NOT scratch your car - guaranteed!
German made technology.

Some vehicle restriction may apply.

The vehicle height restriction on this soft foam automatic is 2.2m

touchless automatic

High Pressure cleans front of customer car

For the discerning auto enthusiast -

Nothing will touch your car except water and chemicals!

Our touchless automatic carwash is able to wash all kind of vehicles that would normally be unsuitable for our softfoam automatic, like cars with roofracks or antennas, tradesmen utes, fishing rod holders, etc.

The vehicle height restriction is 2.1m

vacs, shampoo & vending

Vacuum bay with shampoo & fragrance machine under sail

VACUUMS - Several strong commercial dual motor vacuums

SHAMPOO & FRAGRANCE - A fragrance & shampoo machine is available for seat and carpet cleaning

VENDING - All necessary car cleaning items available

dog wash

Our little Zorro inside the tub - waiting for his wash

Why bother with all the mess in your own house? - Just wash doggy here!
You can select from several options:
- shampoo
- flea & tick rinse
- conditioner
- warm water
- disinfectant
- blow drying

easy access

Open bay for easy car wash access

One of our goals is to offer easy access. Not only do we have extra wide bays we also provide a special boat & caravan bay to make getting in and out convenient.

And our friendly staff can guide you in to make your washing experience even easier.

tips & faq

some tips, tricks & questions


"WASH YOUR CAR REGULARLY!" - ...well, you wouldn't expect to hear anything else from a carwash operator, would you???


But all jokes aside, there are reasons why you should wash your car at least twice a month:

  • Bugs, bird droppings or tree resin need to be removed immediately from your car. They contain solvents that could destroy your paint, even within 3-4 hours.
  • Moisture on a clean car can dry up quickly. Moisture accumulates in dirty areas, which can cause corrosion. Our high pressure guns, in the self serve bays, remove dirt in hard to reach places, and are great against insects as well.
  • If you wash your car regularly, it is much easier to keep it clean later. The dirt just comes off, even without heavy scrubbing, and if you are too lazy (like me), just use the automatic.
  • By washing your car regularly, you keep up the resale value. We have seen it many times. You want to sell your car? Just wash it first, then invest maybe $40 or $60 in car polishes and waxes, and with 3-4hrs of elbow grease you can easily get $500 to $1000 more when you sell your car. Another tip: If you always wax your car - maybe twice a year with a good, quality wax – you don't need to wash your car that often any more! (Gee, I shouldn't be telling this as a car wash owner...). But it is true. The surface of your vehicle will be so smooth that dust and dirt just blow off, and insects or bird droppings can be removed a lot easier.
  • Do not use dishwashing detergent unless you wax it afterwards. Dishwashing detergents are designed to remove oil and waxes, leaving your car sparkling clean, but without any wax protection. All our soaps are designed for car washing, and will not damage your paintwork nor remove existing wax..
  • Scratches and dents often happen in shopping centres, but usually only get noticed when the car gets cleaned. No matter where you park your car – even at the furthest end of the car park – you can bet, someone will park right beside you and scratch it, even if there are plenty of other empty car parks around. Minor scratches can be easily polished out using a car polish and two soft cloths (one to apply the polish, the second to buff it out). You will be amazed how some scratches will simply disappear. However, dents are not that easily removed and most of the time this needs to be done by a professional.



"I was in the automatic and it didn't clean bird droppings / insects / tree resins, etc. Why not?"

A general rule of thumb is: If you can't get it off with your finger – the automatic, usually, won't do it either! This is a machine. It will give you a very good clean if you do it regularly, but it can't see those spots that need special attention. We suggest to use the high pressure guns in one of our self serve bays first, to do a pre-clean for those very muddy cars.

"Are automatic carwashes safe to use?"

Yes, we offer two types of automatic carwashes:
Our SOFT FOAM AUTOMATIC uses a special material (like stubby holder material) that just cannot scratch your car and this is guaranteed! It is sooooo soft that actually care has to be taken not to damage our machine. For this reason, no utes, no snorkels, no cars with sharp edges and only cars with factory-fitted (not dealer-fitted) accessories are permitted. Our TOUCHLESS AUTOMATIC uses only water and chemicals to wash your car. It's perfect for those tradesmen vehicle or cars with non-removable antennas, snorkels or other non factory fitted parts.If in doubt which carwash is best for you please ask our friendly staff.

"Why is it better to wash my car at AVANTI CARWASH and not at home?"

Because we want to get rich! - Just kidding.;)

a. Our self serve bays give out high pressure water with low volume - that being more water efficient than a hose.

b. All waste water is being treated before discharged into sewer. No run-off into storm water drains - saving our reef.

c. All our chemicals are biodegradable.

d. With a high pressure gun, you can blast dirt out of areas that are not accessible with a normal hose (wheel arches, behind trims, etc.)

e. Easy, fast and the kids love it – especially the automatics!

"What is the best way to clean my car in the self serve bay?"

Insert $1 or $2 coins to buy time. - You will notice that the time runs down now.
Depending on the grade of soiling (you may not need all options) start with the
PRE-SOAK to loosen road film, insects and grime. Quickly go over the car. Then switch to
TYRE & WHEEL CLEANER to soak-in the wheels while you are cleaning the rest of the car. Afterwards turn the selection knob to
HIGH PRESSURE SOAP. With this setting you will experience the full force of our high pressure wands. You can now get into the nitty-gritty of your car and blast off all the insects on your bonnet and dirt in your wheel arches & trims. Although the high pressure water stream is really strong it still can leave dust sitting on your car. This is where the foaming
BUBBLE BRUSH comes in: Due to a constant flow of fresh new foam it lubricates the brush and isolates the dirt from the painted surface and after rinsing it off with the
HIGH PRESSURE RINSE it will leave your car with a nice beautiful shine. We also offer a
CLEARCOAT PROTECTANT that, when used regularly seals the irregularities of the paint. Another option is the
SPOT FREE RINSE which is ultra clean water that has gone through many filters to remove minerals from the water. By having such purified water there is no need to chamois your car any more. There will be no water marks afterwards.

"Can I only rinse off my car in the self serve bay without using the brush?"

Of course you can! You can switch to any function you like at any time and just use our high pressure gun. However, our foaming bubble brush delivers constantly new foam onto the paint work delivering excellent lubrication and clean, safe results.

"My new car dealer just sold me a $1,000 paint protection with my new car. Is it safe to use your carwash ?"

Of course it is! Please come in and let us show you our equipment and let's have a talk about some "paint protection" out there and how to prolong the life of your car's finish. We'd love to talk to you!

We hope you enjoy washing your car at our facility and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you.

Your Avanti Carwash team

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